Concealed fastener profiles

Duchesne steel profiles with concealed fasteners: Affordable style and peace of mind

An upscale style that reflects your personality
  • Let yourself be seduced by the classic charm, authentic stamp and majestic refinement
  • Available in different models in a vast selection of colours to give your imagination free rein
  • Easily matches Duchesne complementary exterior siding, trims and soffits, thanks to the My Colour Universe® system
For your peace of mind
  • 3 times more durable than traditional asphalt shingle roofs
  • The design’s concealed fasteners (perforations and screws not exposed) make them highly watertight
  • Lighter than tiles and asphalt shingles: suitable for all types of house structures, including standard ones
  • Minimal maintenance
In harmony with nature
  • Steel with recycled content and 100% recyclable that respects the environment and can earn you credits as part of a LEED project
  • Several colours, known as cool roof colours, offer energy-efficient performances, particularly in summer, by keeping buildings cool