Construction nails

The different types of nails are separated into families, each having different and distinctive colour facilitating the nail selection for your projects.

How to choose the right nail?

1. Select the type of project to realize according to your application (indoor/outdoor)
2. Select the appropriate type of nail
3. Select the appropriate finish for your application
4. Choose the required nail length
5. Choose the required format depending on the project extent

Indoor projects

Outdoor projects



The nail’s natural finish.
Ideal for indoor uses requiring no corrosion resistance.

Finish resulting from a coating of zinc applied to the nail through electrolysis for minimal corrosion resistance.

Increases the visibility of the nail in the gypsum.
Ideal for indoor uses requiring no corrosion resistance.

Phosphate coated
Increases the holding power of the nail.
Ideal for indoor uses requiring no corrosion resistance.

compatible with ACQ pressure-treated lumber*

Hot galvanized
Finish obtained from immersion in a basin of molten zinc for superior corrosion resistance. Lends itself remarkably well to the full range of outdoor applications, including ACQ pressure-treated lumber (alkaline copper quaternary).

Stainless steel
Excellent antirust metal. The ideal solution for exterior uses, including ACQ treated wood and exotic wood such as Red Cedar, Pine and Ipé.

Natural aluminum
Natural finish of the nail.
Superior protection against corrosion.

*Except Aluminum nail.